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Demolition, Concrete Cutting & Asbestos Removal


  Our adage has always been and remains the same:


We offer solutions and we work anywhere anytime.

Our knowledge and expertise with concrete cutting, demolition and asbestos removal methodology is unsurpassed with over 30 years of experience in the industry.

What we do

Controlled Demolition

The Breakthrough Group uses the latest technology and has a range of excavators from one to 30 tonne machines with specialised attachments for any sized project. We are very proud of our newest addition the electric excavator. Since it’s battery operated it’s quiet during operation and has zero emissions. It’s ideal for demolition or trenching indoors even if occupants are still in the complex. Our robot remote controlled Brokk also contributes to a unique way of demolition in confined spaces, where other equipment is too large. We pride ourselves with experienced excavator and plant operators who have been part of the team for Breakthrough Group for a long time.





Concrete Drilling & Sawing

We offer an array of concrete cutting solutions that can be summarised within the following categories:

Hand Saw – Ring Saw – Concrete Cutting Chain Saws – Track Saw – Floor Saw – Dragon Saw

Concrete core drilling is the process of drilling holes through walls and floors that are made of concrete to extract samples for testing or provide pathways for conduits, piping, electrical or fibre optic cabling, etc.


Asbestos Removal

The Breakthrough Group holds an open A Class (friable) asbestos removal licence. This allows us to remove any asbestos anywhere, anytime


GPR Scanning

Concrete Scanning. Ground Penetrating Radar or GPR is a safe and efficient non-destructive method to determine the presence of post tension cables, reinforcing steel (rebar), conduits or other embedded material in poured concrete.

“I Sincerely, can’t thank you enough for your professionalism, organisation, support + promtness to help me move forward with what will be my soul sanctuary! With sincere appreciation, Shanda x”